Land Verification & Procurement

Are you planning to buy land for your dream project?

The challenges that come during the time spent in Land Procurement in India are monstrous, given the populace thickness and the sort of land use in the country.

Our streamlined land procurement process ensures a seamless experience. Our team of experts can handle the complexities of land acquisition, saving your time and effort. We value environmental sustainability and conduct rigorous due diligence to ensure compliance. Trust us to secure the perfect land for your project.

Land Survey

  • All Existing buildings & boundary lines at the road.
  • Electric lines showing HT, LT & HT Tower line.
  • Electric poles, telephones poles & transformer.
  • Location of all existing building , tube wells, bore.
  • All existing rivers, canals, drains , nalas, ponds.
  • All existing roads ,cart tracks, revenue roads, railway
  • Land Contours
  • Location of manholes.
  • Location of tree and type of tree.Orientation (longitude & Latitude)
  • Surrounding Connectivity of roads with width.
  • MSL (Mean Sea Level) scale

Land Procurement

  • Inspection of Site.
  • Technical & legal due-diligence of Land.
  • Arrangement & verification of various details of Land from Landowner, such as Area, Location, Khasra details, Value of Land,Sajra Plans, KYC of Landowners, Kisan Bahi, Family Tree, Non-Encumbrance Certificates, other approvals & Licenses, vetting of ATS/ Sale Deed for authentication of Land and its owners
Possession Verification
  • To ensure peaceful physical possession of Land without any hindrance.
  • Ensuring embedment of Pillars, leveling of Land as per satisfaction
Gap Analysis

To resolve all objections found during verification of Land and related documents and shall incorporate the same in its Report.

  • To facilitate in execution of ATS/Registry between Seller and Purchaser and submit a documented record of the same.
  • Vetting of all agreement, sale deeds and conveyance documents before execution.
  • Defining and implementing SOP for purchase and possession of Land in interest of Seller and Purchaser.
  • Format of all documents related to KYC verification, Land proposal, Possession certificate etc. for records.


Why Choose Us?

We at V3infrasol help you move out from the process of Land Procurement seamlessly. We conduct thorough market research and determine the best location for your goals. Our experienced negotiators ensure a fair price and handle all legal paperwork to ensure a smooth transaction.

Contact us today to take advantage of our comprehensive land procurement services and move your project forward.

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