Approval & Licensing

We acknowledge the complexities of approvals and licensing have always been tough. Hence, we are always determined to provide you with an experience adhering to the process and offering guidance throughout the process. Experts from our team possess extensive knowledge and experience in approvals and licensing through the governing authorities.

All type of Approvals ; Related to Real Estate Project, at any Stage.

(Any Type : Residential , Commercial, Institutional, Integrated Township, Storage / Warehousing, Industrial Buildings etc. )


During Land Acquisition
  1. Change of Land Use (CLU)
  2. Gram Sabha Land/ Government Land/Ceiling Land
  3. Gram Sabha / Jila Parishad/ Gram Panchayat NOC
  4. NOC from Acquisition Dept.
  5. NOC from Nazool Dept.
  6. NOC from Tehsil, ETC.


Before Commencement of Construction
  1. Mining Permit
  2. Building Plan Approval
  3. Approval/ License for Provisional Fire Certificate
  4. NOC from Irrigation Dept.
  5. NOC for Height Clearance
  6. Environment Clearance
  7. Consent to Establish(CTE) from Pollution Control Board, ETC.

What Help can we Provide?

By choosing V3infrasol, you can benefit from our thorough knowledge and as we are aware of the rules and regulations and steps to follow for expediting the approval process we can get all the approval required in no time and avoid unnecessary delays. Trust us to handle the legal intricacies while you focus on your vision.


Before Application of Completion Certificate
  1. Final Fire Certificate
  2. Structural stability certificate from the Architect / Structural Engineers
  3. NOC from Explosive Department (Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organization, PESO)
  4. LIFT NOC (If, Applicable)
  5. Permanent Power Connection
  6. Consent to Operate(CTO) from Pollution Control Board, ETC.


ON Completion

NOC, APPROVALs, Completion Certificated ETC.

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